Ramatuelle, Spring 2015 conference

The second meeting of the European Instructor-Guide Project was a great success. Attached to the IMBA Europe conference, the project drew the provisional support of mountain bike federations, unions and user groups from 13 European countries.

It was agreed that in order to move forwards in a meaningful way we needed to first establish our basic structure and network. With these foundations laid we can then move onto the specific tasks involved in making the project a success.


Davos, Autumn 2014

The start of something big! We had a really good first meeting in Davos where we exchanged program information and had a in-depth discussion about the skills set of a professional MTB guide and MTB instructor. It was a huge amount of information that came to us but also a necessary conversation to identify our future challenges. Guess we can say that we’re still confused but on a much higher level.

Although it’s difficult in this stage to draw up a realistic planning, here’s a proposed calendar

  •   Now until April 2015 work in small subgroups (steps 1-4)
  •   April 2015: 2ND IMBA EU Guide and Instructor meeting in France
  •   Between April 2015 & February 2016: Elaboration of the contents (steps 5-7)
  •   September 2015: Special MTB Guide & Instructor meeting
  •   February 2016: Submission of an Erasmus+ application
  •   March/April, 2016 : IMBA EU meeting
  •   September 2016: Special MTB Guide & Instructor meeting
  •   Beginning of 2018: End of the works and beginning of the steps to obtain a professional

    European ID card

  •   End of 2018: Birth of the professional ID card European for MTB Guides and Instructor in

    mountain environment