The European MTB guide-instructor project reached a number of milestones in the last few months. After determing the training requirements for a professional mountain bike instructor-guide in the earlier stages of the project, now the project partners agreed on the final EU exam. The first European exam is planned for October 2018 in Landry, France.

Officialy named CAPS-MTB (Creating a Professional European Standard in MTB Instructor-Guiding) the aim of this project is to create an European-wide qualification of ‘Mountain Bike Instructor-Guide’ with a clearly defined job description, qualification level and quality assurance process across Europe. The CAPS-MTB project is co-funded by the Erasmus + Programme of the European Union.


The development of a range of train-the-trainer courses for countries/organisations who do not yet have a training program is another tangible result of this project. Three different train-the-trainer courses are availabe by now; a foundation course, an instruction course and a guiding course. All courses have a duration of one week (5 working days) and help new organisations to set-up their own national training schemes.

End of April, at the IMBA Europe Summit in Slovenia, the first group of  tuturs of the EU MTB Guide-Instructor program received their certification. This group is capable to (re) train European MTB instructor-guides.

As an example, Norway is one of the first countries to complete (and contribute to) all t-t-t courses which helped them to develop their own national training scheme. This resulted in a level 1 and level 2 trainings program of which the first 16 level 1 MTB instructor-guides just passed their exams!


Initially the project started with 5 EU countries (France, Switzerland, Slovenia, Netherlands, Poland) but during the process, Norway, the United Kingdom and more recently, Denmark joined the scheme as well. With countries such as Germany, Austria and Italy further cooperation seems to be gradually taking shape while countries like Greece, Bulgaria and Macedonia also attended a first informative meeting.

The CAPS-MTB project officialy ends at in December 2018. The newly created European Organisation of Mountain Bike Instructor-Guides will deliver and revise the European standard and train-the-trainer courses from then on. More info can be found at 


Britain joins the EO-MTBing project!

UK cycling bodies launch Europe-wide Association of Mountain Bike Guides Licence

Devil's Staircase near Glencoe by Paul Rogers

Devil’s Staircase near Glencoe by Paul Rogers
Cycling UK has joined forces with two leading mountain bike coaching organisations to boost the MTB guides industry across Europe.

Cycling UK, Mountain Bike Coaching UK (MBCUK) and the Mountain-Bike Instructors Award Scheme (MIAS) are pleased to announce the launch of a new qualification in Mountain Bike Leadership, under the banner of the Association of British Mountainbike Guides (ABMG).

Setting high standards for the entry criteria, this new accrediting body, which has officially joined the European Organisation of Mountain Bike Instructor-Guides (EO-MTBInG), supports mountain biking leaders in the UK by adding more credibility and authority to the leaders’ training and assessment process.

The accreditation also aims to boost consumer confidence so that MTB riders have even greater peace of mind when booking a mountain biking trip in Europe.

The newly-formed ABMG is an inclusive and open organisation which welcomes individuals and other organisations that meet the entry requirements set out in the group’s constitution.

Cycling UK’s Training Manager, Matt Woodcock, said: “This exciting new venture will give a real boost to mountain bike leaders who are keen to train and qualify through this new pathway. Becoming a licensed European Mountain Bike Guide and proud member of ABMG will soon become a badge of honour in the industry.”

Officially signing up to EO-MTBInG, ABMG joins seven other countries in Europe with the aim of delivering an internationally-recognised Professional European Standard in MTB instructing and guiding, and with the aim of this new European Standard to become fully operational in 2017.

Matt Woodcock continued: “Cycling UK’s aim for this new association is to promote and support mountain bike leaders in Britain with an award that promotes parity with all international mountain bike awards, so that the industry is better recognised as a credible expert in running exhilarating and safe MTB holidays and tours.”

A new website for ABMG is currently being built and will be operational by the summer.

Notes to Editors:
  1. Cycling UK, the national cycling charity, inspires and helps people to cycle and keep cycling, whatever kind of cycling they do or would like to do. Over a century’s experience tells us that cycling is more than useful transport; it makes you feel good, gives you a sense of freedom and creates a better environment for everyone.
  2. The Mountain Bike Coaching UK (MBCUK) awards scheme exists to improve mountain bikers’ awareness of the knowledge and skills required to coach and lead on bikes with optimum safety education and comfort. Find out more at
  3. Established in 1989, The Mountain-Bike Instructors Award Scheme (MIAS) offers a range of courses for prospective and current cycling MTB leaders. For more information visit
  4. The new Association of British Mountainbike Guides (ABMG) Award has been developed in association with the European Organisation of Mountain Bike Instructor-Guides (EO-MTBInG). More Information on the award and the accreditation process will be available at  in the summer.
  5. The European Organisation of Mountain Bike Instructor-Guides (EO-MTBInG) pools the skills, knowledge and experience from leading MTB training organisations across Europe to create the world’s foremost source of expertise on the subject of MTB instructor-guiding. The UK joins France, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovenia and Switzerland in this growing group of MTB instructor bodies. To find out more visit


Cycling UK Press Office
Telephone: 0844-736-8453


The European MTB guide project moves forwards!

After a very productive work-group meeting in Finale Ligure (Italy), Slovenia just became the third country to synchronise its MTB instructor-guide training system to the EO-MTBInG European Standard!

The group also worked on the content of the upcoming Foundation module of EO-MTBInG Train the Trainer (TtT) course for the project countries without a current training program, which starts on February the 2nd in the Netherlands. Here, the Netherlands, Poland and Norway will begin the process required to start their own EO-MTBInG-approved programmes, which should be operational as early as autumn 2017.

In case this all sounds like we worked too hard, we also rode some awesome trails together with the expert guiding of Lucas from Bike and Sun Finale. We also had some interesting talks with local MTB instructor-guides including Enrico Guala (Enduro World Series and Super Enduro Founder) about delivering the EO-MTBInG training standard in Italy. Watch this space !

Some Quick Background on EO-MTBInG:

EO-MTBING is the European Organisation of Mountain Bike Instructor-Guides. We owe our existence to the first ever collective pooling of skills, knowledge and experience from leading MTB training organisations across Europe, creating the world’s foremost source of expertise on the subject of MTB instructor-guiding. Our goals are to help define, develop and represent  the profession of mountain bike instructor-guide on a national and international level.

Our first main project is the CAPS-MTB (Creating a Professional European Standard in MTB Instructor-Guiding): creating a standard qualification level for MTB instructor-guides across Europe, with the EO-MTBInG European licence. The project is being jointly funded by our partner organisations and the Erasmus+ scheme from the European Commission. The Scheme is open to both countries with an existing MTB instructor-guide training program and also countries without an existing program.

The EO-MTBInG-approved schemes will still be delivered by existing national training organisations. Our role is not to  provide the training directly ourselves but to work with our member organisations to ensure that their own schemes all reach a common European standard. Students who successfully qualify to their highest national level will then be able to proceed to a final EO-MTBInG examination, held twice a year in Europe, to obtain their EO-MTBInG European licence.


Project Update

November saw an EO-MTBInG technical meeting at Bikenomad in Slovenia. Aside from the incredible trails, food and hospitality shown to us by Anej and his family, the three day meeting also saw us make big advances on the project.

As a reminder, since securing Erasmus+ funding from the European commission, the first EO-MTBInG project is called Creating a European Professional Standard for Mountainbike Instructor-Guides (CAPS-MTB).

1. Structure of the scheme: Each national organisation will still deliver their own training scheme. Students who reach the top level, approved by EO-MTBInG, will be entitled to attend an EO-MTBInG examination, held 2 times a year at various locations in Europe. The exam will test practical elements of guiding and instruction based skills as well as a theory exam. The main examination language will be English with other languages available depending on the students attending.
2. Quality assurance, aside from the shared final exam and training content, will also involve reciprocal visits between evaluators from member countries.
3. For countries with no existing scheme, ‘train the trainers’ training courses are underway in early 2017 (Jan-April)  – Holland, Poland and maybe Norway. The goal is to have their first generation training schemes being delivered in their countries by the end of 2017 – fast work!
4.Organisations who already have training schemes will also be delivering EO-MTBInG approved courses by the end of 2017 – France, Switzerland, Slovenia for sure and hopefully DIMBS and the ABMG (UK).
4. There is lots of interest from other organisations and from individual instructor-guides in non-member countries. The main challenge within each country will be to organise yourselves to the point where you can join the scheme as part of an organisation.

Erasmus+ funding secured!

Great news this month as our main project, the creation of a European MTB guide-instructor training standard, was awarded funding from the European Commission. The project partners are IMBA Europe, the MCF (france), Swiss Cycling, NTFU (Netherlands), POMBA (Poland) and the Slovenian Cycling Federation.

Training courses are already planned for 2017 so that the first EO-MTBInG approved courses will be ready for pilot delivery in autumn 2017. Progress is fast!


IMBA conference and EO-MTBInG Spring meeting, 2016

The 2016 EO-MTBInG meeting will provisionally take place on the afternoon of Friday April 22nd. As usual, it will be attached to the excellent IMBA Europe Spring Summit. The summit will run from 22-24th April at Sram HQ in Schweinfurt, Germany.

It will be an essential date too see what we’ve been up to during the year and to plan our next steps. Sram also have their own pump track so we won’t get too serious!

More details will be available soon, both here and on the IMBA Europe site. See you all soon!

IMBA spring summit photo 2016


EO-MTBInG standard training content is set

December 2015 saw a key step in the progress of the EO-MTBInG adventure take place: The first two fully active members of the project, Switzerland and France, met over three days to establish the first version of the standard EO-MTBInG training content.

What is this? It is a detailed, hour by hour breakdown of what subjects need to be covered by a training organisation to meet the EO-MTBInG standard. It also includes some basic elements that must be covered during evaluation of students.

Of course, this model will continue to evolve just as our beautiful sport continues to evolve. As each new country/organisation joins EO-MTBInG, they too will have input to help decide how the training content evolves in the future.

Critically, this new training standard will also work as the base model for helping countries/organisations to develop new instructor-guide training programs. By joining EO-MTBInG, they will save many years and massive amonts of money in developing a top level training program.


Euromeet 2015, Newcastle, Northern Ireland

The end of September saw some EO-MTBInG members meet in Newcastle for the 2015 Nature and Sports Euromeet. 5 days of clear blue skies surprised the locals as much as it did the delegates. We tagged a meeting onto the main conference and were very lucky to have some colleagues from the European Network of Outdoor Sports (ENOS) attend. We mainly discussed the final assessment standard of the EO-MTBInG license and how it will be quality assured, along with aspects of funding on a national and European level.
The main outcomes of the meeting were:IMG_0211
MEMBERSHIP- will be available initially (for phase 1 of the project) at two levels (open to Federations, national bodies and non-profit MTB groups)
1. Key Partner (one per country)- commitment to annual meeting and work on main/subsidiary work groups. €2000 investment fee.
2. Supporting Member – commitment to annual meeting, possibility to work on subsidiary work groups. €200 investment fee.
For phase 2 (roll-out) funding will switch to individual membership from candidates who wish to attain the EO-MTBInG license
The main working groups for this autumn are:
Internal Structuring
Defining the Standard
Achieving National Support
Achieving European support
Quality Assurance: future project for core group
Benchmarking existing schemes: future project for core + subsidiary groups.
Key points:
– EO-MTBING will be setting a European level which will not interfere in existing national schemes.
– Candidates would be required to follow their own national schemes, in their own country, as far as they go before moving on to any ‘bridging course’ that might be necessary for a European license.
all systems are now go! This autumn/winter will see huge advances in the project so keep in touch!