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Here you can find useful resources concerning the CAPSMTB (Creating a European Professional Standard for Mountain Bike Instructor-Guides) project, reference: 579731-EPP-1-2016-1-FR-SPO-SSCP.

First are the documents of most immediate interest to the public, namely the details of the 561 hour CAPSMTB mountain bike instructor-guide training standard..

The other project deliverables are then listed below in the order that they were presented in the CAPSMTB project plan with an explanation of each resource. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

***As ever, the European Commission support for the production of this publication does not constitute an endorsement of the contents which reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsi­ble for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.***

Minutes and notes from all CAPSMTB project activities can be viewed here.

WP1.Opening a transnational dialogue, assessing the current situation, defining the project objectives and the project partners.

D1.1:A data resource concerning MTB guide-instruction in many European countries

D1.2: A draught ‘job description’ for the role of European MTB instructor-guide which incorporates D1.3: An agreed European (English language) terminology for the field of MTB instructor-guide can be viewed here

D1.4: An outline plan for the structure of the partnership organisation. This is the basis of WP2, detailed below

D1.5: The objective for the project was the creation of a harmonised European training standard for mountain bike instructor-guides and its delivery via a newly formed transnational network of MTB instructor-guide training organisations.

D1.6: A ‘letter of intent’ to record support for the project throughout Europe was used to gauge support for the project and was signed by all organisations who, even if they were not yet able to join the project in an active role, supported its overall objectives. It was signed by 12 national organisations, all of whom are now (as of February 2019) involved in the post-project implementation of the CAPSMTB standard. The initial letter can be viewed here.

D1.7: An evaluation report of the work project is presented in D5 – the CAPSMTB project evaluation package..

WP2. Identify a remit organisation or foster a creation – EO-MTBing

D2.0: A finalised plan for the structure of the partnership organisation is detailed in D2.3, below.

D2.1: EO-MTBing is a legally registered organization:

  • EO-MTBing was registered as an Association (created under French Law) on the 07/03/2016
  • Registration number (SIREN):   829 088 442
  • Registration number (SIRET):   829 088 442 00019

D2.2: The registered address for the organization is:

Bureau 215 (SNMCF), Maison du Tourisme, 14 Rue de la Republique, Grenoble, 38000, France.

D2.3: Articles of association for the organization can be found here.

D2.4: A board of partners was elected as of 07/03/2016

D2.5: The EO-MTBing bank account is fully operational.

D2.6: A website featuring branding (a logo)can be viewed at

D2.7: A documented protocol for joining EO-MTBing and all other operating procedures are laid out in the Internal Operating Procedures (IOP) document. This comprehensive document contains many of the project deliverables, as detailed varoiusly below.

D2.8: A dissemination plan for these deliverables was part of WP6.

D2.9: An evaluation report of the work project is in document the CAPSMTB Project Evaluation Package..

WP3. Create a European standard for MTB guide-instructor training

D3.1: Detailed job description for the role of European MTB instructor-guide, including the necessary skill-set for the role has been incorporated into document D1.2, above.

D3.2: A document presenting the actual European training standard for MTB instructor-guides, including the topics to be covered in training, the minimum required duration of this training and a suggested evaluation framework for candidates was developed into two separate documents:

  • The CAPSMTB Training Standard which was set at 361 hours of taught learning and 200 hours of structured internship.
  • A CAPSMTB detailed training content document contains a much more detailed extension of the standard and also provides teaching resources and detailed suggested content for training.

D3.3:Translations of this standard in the languages of the partner organisations have been completed by and disseminated via each of the national organisations. If you would like details in any of the languages of the partner nations please email a request to

D3.4: Provisional outlines for the delivery of this standard to the two broad categories of countries: those with existing training systems and those without are detailed in the IOP document.

D3.4: A dissemination plan for the standard formed part of WP6, detailed below.

D3.5: An evaluation report of the work project can be found in the CAPSMTB project evaluation package.

WP4.Delivery of the European standard

D4.0: Documents detailing the system protocols and dossiers for joining program are laid out in the Internal Operating Procedures (IOP) document.

D4.1: Documents detailing qualification mapping between the MTB instructor-guide training schemes of each partner country (with a pre-existing scheme) and the EO-MTBing standard are shown here. In each the content-based minimum number of CAPSMTB training hours are compared to the pre-existing training scheme, with any shortfall making up the content of a new top level course or being integrated into exisiting courses.

D4.2:Documents detailing syllabus plans of the new training schemes to be introduced to countries without pre-existing schemes. Click on the link to see the new CAPSMTB schemes of the Netherlands and Poland.

D4.3: Delivery plans for each partner country: both for the introduction of any training scheme amendments in partner countries with pre-existing schemes and for the implementation of new training schemes in partner countries without pre-existing schemes are included in the IOP document.

D4.4,4.5: Quality assurance evaluation documents for courses delivered in the partner countries are detailed in the CAPSMTB project evaluation package..

WP5. Evaluation of the European MTB instructor-Guide project

D5.1(a) – 5,4(b): A detailed evaluation report was compiled and created to bring together and present all elements of evaluation of the CAPSMTB project. It details the evaluation of individual project elements as well as broader Work Package evaluations and the project as a whole, including details of mitigation implementation and peer review feedback. This evaluation report is presented here.

WP6. Dissemination of European MTB instructor-guide project results 

D6.1: Documentation freely available through the Erasmus+ Project Results Platform, the IMBA Europe resources page and the EO-MTBing site relating to all aspects of the project.

In addition to D6.1, dissemination reports for each partner organisation can be found by clicking on the following links:

P1: Syndicat National des Moniteurs Cyclistes Français (SNMCF)

P2: International Mountain Bicycling Association Europe (IMBA Europe)

P3: Schweizerischer Radfahrer-Bund (Swiss Cycling)

P4: Kolesarska zveza Slovenije – Slovenian Cycling Federation

P5: Nederlandse Toer Fiets Unie (NTFU) – Netherlands Recreational Cycling Federation

P6: Fundacja POMBA – Polish Mountain Bikers Alliance








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