The European MTB guide project moves forwards!

After a very productive work-group meeting in Finale Ligure (Italy), Slovenia just became the third country to synchronise its MTB instructor-guide training system to the EO-MTBInG European Standard!

The group also worked on the content of the upcoming Foundation module of EO-MTBInG Train the Trainer (TtT) course for the project countries without a current training program, which starts on February the 2nd in the Netherlands. Here, the Netherlands, Poland and Norway will begin the process required to start their own EO-MTBInG-approved programmes, which should be operational as early as autumn 2017.

In case this all sounds like we worked too hard, we also rode some awesome trails together with the expert guiding of Lucas from Bike and Sun Finale. We also had some interesting talks with local MTB instructor-guides including Enrico Guala (Enduro World Series and Super Enduro Founder) about delivering the EO-MTBInG training standard in Italy. Watch this space !

Some Quick Background on EO-MTBInG:

EO-MTBING is the European Organisation of Mountain Bike Instructor-Guides. We owe our existence to the first ever collective pooling of skills, knowledge and experience from leading MTB training organisations across Europe, creating the world’s foremost source of expertise on the subject of MTB instructor-guiding. Our goals are to help define, develop and represent  the profession of mountain bike instructor-guide on a national and international level.

Our first main project is the CAPS-MTB (Creating a Professional European Standard in MTB Instructor-Guiding): creating a standard qualification level for MTB instructor-guides across Europe, with the EO-MTBInG European licence. The project is being jointly funded by our partner organisations and the Erasmus+ scheme from the European Commission. The Scheme is open to both countries with an existing MTB instructor-guide training program and also countries without an existing program.

The EO-MTBInG-approved schemes will still be delivered by existing national training organisations. Our role is not to  provide the training directly ourselves but to work with our member organisations to ensure that their own schemes all reach a common European standard. Students who successfully qualify to their highest national level will then be able to proceed to a final EO-MTBInG examination, held twice a year in Europe, to obtain their EO-MTBInG European licence.




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