EO-MTBInG standard training content is set

December 2015 saw a key step in the progress of the EO-MTBInG adventure take place: The first two fully active members of the project, Switzerland and France, met over three days to establish the first version of the standard EO-MTBInG training content.

What is this? It is a detailed, hour by hour breakdown of what subjects need to be covered by a training organisation to meet the EO-MTBInG standard. It also includes some basic elements that must be covered during evaluation of students.

Of course, this model will continue to evolve just as our beautiful sport continues to evolve. As each new country/organisation joins EO-MTBInG, they too will have input to help decide how the training content evolves in the future.

Critically, this new training standard will also work as the base model for helping countries/organisations to develop new instructor-guide training programs. By joining EO-MTBInG, they will save many years and massive amonts of money in developing a top level training program.




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