Euromeet 2015, Newcastle, Northern Ireland

The end of September saw some EO-MTBInG members meet in Newcastle for the 2015 Nature and Sports Euromeet. 5 days of clear blue skies surprised the locals as much as it did the delegates. We tagged a meeting onto the main conference and were very lucky to have some colleagues from the European Network of Outdoor Sports (ENOS) attend. We mainly discussed the final assessment standard of the EO-MTBInG license and how it will be quality assured, along with aspects of funding on a national and European level.
The main outcomes of the meeting were:IMG_0211
MEMBERSHIP- will be available initially (for phase 1 of the project) at two levels (open to Federations, national bodies and non-profit MTB groups)
1. Key Partner (one per country)- commitment to annual meeting and work on main/subsidiary work groups. €2000 investment fee.
2. Supporting Member – commitment to annual meeting, possibility to work on subsidiary work groups. €200 investment fee.
For phase 2 (roll-out) funding will switch to individual membership from candidates who wish to attain the EO-MTBInG license
The main working groups for this autumn are:
Internal Structuring
Defining the Standard
Achieving National Support
Achieving European support
Quality Assurance: future project for core group
Benchmarking existing schemes: future project for core + subsidiary groups.
Key points:
– EO-MTBING will be setting a European level which will not interfere in existing national schemes.
– Candidates would be required to follow their own national schemes, in their own country, as far as they go before moving on to any ‘bridging course’ that might be necessary for a European license.
all systems are now go! This autumn/winter will see huge advances in the project so keep in touch!