Davos, Autumn 2014

The start of something big! We had a really good first meeting in Davos where we exchanged program information and had a in-depth discussion about the skills set of a professional MTB guide and MTB instructor. It was a huge amount of information that came to us but also a necessary conversation to identify our future challenges. Guess we can say that we’re still confused but on a much higher level.

Although it’s difficult in this stage to draw up a realistic planning, here’s a proposed calendar

  •   Now until April 2015 work in small subgroups (steps 1-4)
  •   April 2015: 2ND IMBA EU Guide and Instructor meeting in France
  •   Between April 2015 & February 2016: Elaboration of the contents (steps 5-7)
  •   September 2015: Special MTB Guide & Instructor meeting
  •   February 2016: Submission of an Erasmus+ application
  •   March/April, 2016 : IMBA EU meeting
  •   September 2016: Special MTB Guide & Instructor meeting
  •   Beginning of 2018: End of the works and beginning of the steps to obtain a professional

    European ID card

  •   End of 2018: Birth of the professional ID card European for MTB Guides and Instructor in

    mountain environment





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